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Helping You Raise Your Pledge

Here are some IDEAS and RESOURCES to get you started.

Fresh tools you can download and make your own to aid you in raising your fundraising pledge. 

Support Letter

Write a SUPPORT LETTER / FLIER and pass it out to your friends!

Just tell the story ...

and ask! 

(See our RESOURCES section below.)

Throw A Party

Instead of Birthday or Wedding gifts... ask your friends and family to give toward Global Youth Ministry!

Get Your Church Involved

Talk to your Missions Board, use their facilities for hosting an event, share your story during service, hang up fliers, see if others will give towards your pledge.

Teach A Class

Spin,  Aerobic ,  Circuit  Training

O' MY!

Matt's Wife, Jessica, put out a challenge... "Ladies, if we can sell 100 pairs of leggings in 24 hr, Matt will wear a pair on the Cycling Tour!"

Someone get that man a CAPE!

Got A Business?

Host A Bake Sale

Mmmmmmm,  I smell the lives of global youth being changed!

Cookies, Bread, Fudge, Cake, Muffins...

Have A Garage Sale

One person's junk is

another's treasure!

Ask others to give up their spare change.

Collect Spare Change

Shave Your Head

"Let your naked head SHINE for youth around the world!"

"Wait!  Let me put my sunglasses on.  Your head is so shiny!


Photos and Videos:

  • Many times the information page about your tour ( and click "More Info" on your tour) will have photos and/or videos that you can use to tell the story better while you raise your pledge.  Feel free to use these in any way that honors the Lord as you tell your story. 

  • For general Ends Cycling videos, visit our Video Page.

Tri-Fold Fundraising Flyer:

  • Download and print this fill-in-the-blank flyer.  Fill in your info, print (instructions enclosed) and distribute to your friends, family and co-workers as an additional tool to help you raise your pledge.

    • Download Flyer   (.DOCX file containing tri-fold flier in 8.5" x 11" Microsoft Word document format)




  • As a participant, many times your local church body is interested in coming alongside of you in some way. Many times that looks like:

    • ​Allowing you some time to share during service or in a small group
    • Getting the word out to others & promoting your tour(s) or getting the word out that you are raising funds for global youth. Some examples are:
      • Projector announcement loops​
      • Hanging a tour flier in common areas
      • Church Bulletin Inserts
      • Putting material about the tour on their website
      • Using Church Social Pages
    • Giving financially to your pledge
    • Etc.
  • If your local church body is wanting to help, here are some easy resources for them ​to use. As a participant, you may also want to provide some tour specific information that can be found on the tours INFO page (  

    • What country youth are being impacted​

    • How our partners in that country are impacting youth in Jesus Name

    • Etc. 

  • If they are willing, just point them to this section. Don't worry, they will know what to do with them. 



      • Download Church Bulletin Inserts - This digital .PDF file is made specifically so that your church can print out inserts on the church's printer. Designed to be printed on 8.5" x 11" (standard size) paper. It can be printed as a single or double-sided insert. After printing, one 8.5" x 11" page should be cut in half, providing two church bulletin inserts.  ​(If you need a different size format,  contact us!)  


      • ​Your church can use these generic Ends Cycling social images to post to their social platforms. For their convenience, each image has been specially formatted for each social platform. Three different images to choose from! (takes you to another page)

      • Check out our MEDIA KIT page for more media related items such as:​

        • All-Ride (cycling tours) Fliers​

        • Specific Tour fliers

        • Ends Cycling Logo's

        • Generic Ends Cycling Brochures

        • Etc. 


Support Letter:

  • Write a support letter and pass it out to your friends. Just tell the story and ask! Let God do the rest. 


  • A "hashtag" is a label for content.  It helps others who are interested in a certain topic (like your tour), quickly find content on that same topic (your tour).  A hashtag looks like #PrayPedalRepeat.  Hashtags are used mostly on social media sites. Include these in your social media.  Here are some you can use:

    • #PrayPedalRepeat

    • #PrayServeRepeat  (always include #PrayPedalRepeat)


      • (representing the 2019 Key West Bike Ride) Find your tours hashtag on the information page for your tour. 

Social Media Posts:    We have pictures and wording that you can simply use in your favorite social platform.   Note: we do not recommend crowdsourcing websites or social media donate buttons. More on that at our FAQ page.

PICTURES:  These Social Media Images are specifically sized for Facebook, Instagram, etc. There are three different images to choose from. Go to our MEDIA KIT page to download the images.



WORDING:  Copy/Paste these into your favorite social platform!

  • The U.S. has 90% of the world’s youth ministry resources, and only 4% of the world’s youth.  I believe everyone deserves the same access to the Gospel and I am willing to go to the ends of the earth to see that vision fulfilled.  #PrayPedalRepeat  #PrayServeRepeat


  • I am going to Pray Pedal Repeat for youth around the world in Jesus Name.  #PrayPedalRepeat  #PrayServeRepeat   


  • Will you join me by CYCLING or SUPPORTING on a multi-day cycling tour right here in the United States to bring the hope of the Gospel to global youth?  #PrayPedalRepeat  #PrayServeRepeat 


  • I am going to Pray Pedal Repeat for the youth of ____Country___ on the ___Tour Name___ Bike Ride.  Will you help me raise my pledge with a secure online donation? Donate at  
    #PrayPedalRepeat  #PrayServeRepeat 

.JPG - Social Media Image - WHO.jpg
.JPG - Social Media Image - SIMPLE.jpg
.JPG - Social Media Image - WHAT.jpg

Website Links:


  •  -  general donation page for all of our tours

    • ​Once you sign up, our finance coordinator will give you a donation link that will take people directly to the donation page for your tour. You can copy/past these links in emails, social media posts, etc. to show people where they can make a donation towards your pledge. 

About Ends of the Earth Cycling:

Who We Are:

Active Bicycling Community Impacting Global Youth

What We Do:

We give people who want to change the world opportunities to use cycling to bring the hope of the Gospel to global youth through multi-day, Christ-centered bicycling tours. 


The U.S. has 90% of the world’s youth ministry resources, and only 4% of the world’s youth.  Ends Cycling believes everyone deserves the same access to the Gospel, and we’re willing to go to the ends of the earth to see that vision fulfilled by the power of Christ.

We Exist To:

We exist to promote and resource global youth ministries and we do this through prayer, awareness, fundraising and a whole lot of FUN! Like you, we understand how it feels to want to change the world.  So let’s ride bicycles to do it together! 

Funds Raised Go Towards:

God has worked through Ends Cycling to leverage resources for things like clean water, alleviation of hunger, prevention of human trafficking, global youth ministry training, and lives transformed for His glory. 

We Invite You To Change The World:

We invite you to join us by CYCLING or SUPPORTING on one of our multi-day cycling tours right here in the United States to bring the hope of the Gospel to global youth. JOIN A TOUR and activate your faith physically and spiritually as you #PrayPedalRepeat on mission with a global purpose! 

Other Downloadable Media:

  • Looking for flyers, logos, etc.?  Our "Media Kit" page has many other general downloadable resources that may help you tell your story well.

How Can You Begin To Tell Your Story?

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